Bulk miracle berry orders

We currently are offering massive savings on bulk and wholesale purchases of miracle fruit. We have huge stocks of magic berry and our lab can produce many different forms of the miracle berry. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all wholesale enquiries.

If you are using our miracle berry extract for scientific research, please advise us so that we can include an MSDS for your convenience. You can also view a sample COA for our batches of miracle fruit on this site.


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  • miracle fruit

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Bulk prices

Email us to buy now.

  • 50 portions - $99
    (equiv. 50 Fruit)
    Less than $2.00/portion!
  • 100 portions - $189
    (equiv. 100 Fruit)
    Less than $1.90/portion!
  • 200 portions - $299
    (equiv. 200 Fruit)
    Less than $1.50/portion!

Shipping and handling

All shipping and handling fees for delivery anywhere in the world are included in the price. We are also happy to take larger orders - just email us to discuss the terms.