Miracle Fruit - Try Something Different !

Miracle fruit also sometimes called miracle berry is a unique berry from the Tropics of West Africa that acts as a natural sweetener. The fruit contains a harmless glycoprotein which temporarily binds your taste buds which can cause even the sourest food to taste sweet.

This fruit is starting to be used a lot in culinary dishes and its making for some very interested results. Not only can it act as a low calorie sweetener it can actually change the taste of many foods completely. Imagine biting into a lemon and tasting nothing but sweetness.

Miraculin - freeze dried magic berry powder. Ideal for use in kitchen.

The magic fruit is being used in cooking, baking and even as an ingredient for mixed drinks. In places like Japan there are café’s that specifically sell sugar free deserts made with the berry or other dishes made with the miracle fruit berry.

Miracle fruits scientific name is synsepalum dulcificum and it is a plant that is usually grown in tropical climates. The plant has hairy green leaves and bears a red berry that is picked and eaten or used.

Tasting parties have also become quite the rage. A typical wonder fruit party will serve dishes such as citrus fruit, dark chocolate, wine, beer and other drinks and fruits. The idea is to eat the berry first and see what a different taste and texture you discover in these common foods.

The berry fruit is not only fun but has real health properties. Think about it you may not be a big fan of certain healthy items such as fruits and vegetables but when eaten after eating this fruit they take on a totally different taste. This allows you to eat a wider range of food which some much healthier options that still tastes great.

Miracle berry tablets - easy way to carry fruit and consume. They are made from freeze dried miracle berry granules and corn starch. 100 percent safe. Tablets are packed within blister packs.

You can also make certain dishes with no sugar at all and with a magic fruit first they will taste just as delicious with no sugar in the recipe. This allows for a lot of healthy eating while consuming fewer calories with the same meal.

The wonder fruit has only been around the United States for a decade or so but has been used by Native Africans for centuries. They eat the fruit directly before a meal to add a natural sweetness to their food.

Miracle berry has no known side effects. You can eat the berry directly, cook it into other dishes or use one of the many miracle berry fruit supplements available on the market.


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29 January 2010: More press coverage

We've recently added articles from the Express in Washington and FindingDulcinea to our media archive. Check out what the papers are saying about the miracle berry.

1 December 2009: Happy Birthday miracle fruit UK!

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27 March 2009: CNN coverage

Miracle fruit was featured on CNN Health last week and sales have shot through the roof! Don't worry though, we have plenty of stock and orders are still going out daily so you can experience the taste tripping effect for yourself soon.

13 March 2009: Chemo miracle

We've had several reports from our customers that miracle fruit can help make food taste better for chemotherapy patients and now miraculin is being used in a $100,000 clinical study. The aim is to use miracle fruit to help patients with the metallic taste they get as a result of their treatment and to help prevent loss of appetite.

23 January 2009: EU Orders

We are obliged to remind our EU customers that miraculin is not a food nor a medicine and is sold strictly not for human consumption. We still believe that our product is completely safe but customers in the EU can only use our product for research purposes. Please email us for more information.

1 December 2008: MiracleUK 1st Anniversary!

Today marks a year since we started selling magic fruit and what a year it's been. When we first opened, we never imaged we'd be featured in international newspapers and on the TV and radio.

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20 August 2008: Certificate of Analysis

We're pleased to annouce that we have produced a COA of our miracle berries to prove we have the stricted product standards and to give a bit more information about freeze-dried miraculin.

8 July 2008: Miracle Fruit on UKTV

Those of you with access to the UKTV Food channel should watch out at 7pm tonight for a feature on our miracle fruit. Market Kitchen are taste testing our miraculin and don't worry if you can't catch it, because the show is airing again at 8pm on UKTV Food +1.

23 June 2008: MiracleUK on BBC Radio

We had another radio interview and live taste test last week, this time with BBC Radio Scotland. It's great to continue getting the word out there and they really seemd to enjoy the taste trip. In other good news, we're finally beginning to catch up on orders and loads more will be shipped this week and the next. Thanks for hanging in there.

16 June 2008: Busy week

Miracle fruit has been cropping up everywhere recently. On Saturday we did a radio interview for Talk107 and there have also been features on Richard & Judy as well as the Graham Norton Show. Sweet!

9 June 2008: Magic fruit in The Sun

Just when we thought it couldn't get any more popular, The Sun - the most highly cirulated English-language newspaper in the world - included a feature on magic berryt today. We've also had a mention in The Mail On Sunday. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more press coverage in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we're still working hard to get orders out and really appreciate your continued patience.

4 June 2008: UK Press discovers MiracleUK

There were more articles in the British press today courtesy of The Telegraph and The Mail. The BBC also picked up the trail again. Keep your eyes peeled for more mentions of miracle fruit.

3 June 2008: Now in The Indy

The Indepedent ran a piece on miraculin this morning and pictured our actual fruit. We're thrilled that the word is getting out, but this has unfortunately resulted in another influx of orders meaning that the delays will continue a little longer - however, all our staff are working around the clock and we hope to dispatch orders in a few weeks. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!

29 May 2008: Delays

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28 May 2008: New York Times article

The New York Times published perhaps not the most original article on miracle fruit today but as a result we are completely swamped. We're currently experiencing minor delays is dispatching orders but hope to have everything under control in under a week. Please bear with us and remember to consider donating to charity for no cost when you buy!

28 April 2008: News

We've been featured on the BBC and twice on Digg recently - we hope everyone who's ordering enjoys these amazing berries. Orders are still going out the same day if possible. Remember that while other companies have cynically raised their prices because of the increased demand, we're still the cheapest vendor and that we ship worldwide.

1 December 2007: MiracleUK Launches

We are delighted to announce that MiracleUK is now open for business. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email. All quantities are currently in stock and ready for same-day dispatch.

We currently offer the following size packs for shipping to the UK. We are also happy to take international miracle fruit orders and will ship worldwide by airmail.

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